Racing Apex is a fast and fun arcade style racing game that takes inspiration from some of the first 3D polygon arcade racing games from 1988 to 1992 and adds modern gameplay elements of car combat and multiplayer mayhem.

The worlds best racers have gathered to determine who will be the Racing Apex Champion! When the lights go green its no holds barred to the chequered flag!

Race. Shoot. Win.

Choose your champion! Each racer has their own unique vehicle selection that suits their driving style.

All drivers fall into different weight classes, light, medium or heavy. Lower weight classes have better acceleration and quicker handling. Heavy class drivers have higher top speeds and more weight. Find the best combination of driver and vehicle to suit you!

Select from over 30 vehicles from classic racers of yesterday to the latest race track screamers, each with its own unique handling and performance.

Each vehicle can be modified and upgraded via the garage and all vehicles can have a full conversion for handling, speed or strength.

Garage Customization
Full vehicle modification is available. Add body kits, change wheels, even modify your interior. Suspension and engine performance can be modified too!

Vehicle Conversion Upgrade Path
Chassis conversion allows you to make a major change to your vehicle class.
Pro Race - For precision circuit racers who aim for each apex!
Speed - Best suited for those who prefer full thottle all the time!
Rally - For drivers who like to race off road on opposite lock!

Fully detailed
All vehicles have interior, exterior and under the hood details.

Fully destructible
Vehicles show four stages of damage, so you know when your about to go boom! Get a repair item to get your vehicle back in the green and restore performance!

Race under bright blue skies across the globe. Each colorful region contains multiple track configurations for racing and arena style battles.